Where can you get an Fast Loan in 4 hours and without Credit Bureau?

Where can you get an Fast Loan in 4 hours and without Credit Bureau?

If you want to be absolutely sure that the loan can be paid out in 4 hours, only the provider Best Bank comes into question. With this provider, a loan payment can be made in 30 – 60 minutes if the requirements are met. You can also apply for a bonus + certificate from Best Bank (for an additional charge). With this certificate it is possible to get an Fast Loan if you have a negative Credit Bureau entry. Regardless of this, Credit Bureau is also queried for a loan application at Best Bank. With all providers a payment is possible within one working day.

There is no guarantee that the loan will be paid out in one, two or four hours.

Is there an Fast Loan from Nice Bank?

Is there an Fast Loan from Nice Bank?

You can always read on the web that you can get an Fast Loan with instant payment at Nice Bank. We took a closer look at the Nice Bank offer and can say that Nice Bank currently does not allow withdrawals within 24 hours. If you are looking for a similar provider for an installment loan, we recommend the Fine Bank or the Cream bank benefit loan.

The waiting time for an ordinary installment loan from the house bank can be very long. It may take a few weeks before the conditions are negotiated and all the necessary documents have been checked. If you need a loan very urgently or just don’t want to wait that long, express loans are an alternative to the conventional methods. However, there are some points with such loan offers that you have to consider and which we would like to briefly introduce to you below.

What is an Fast Loan?

The term Fast Loan is interpreted differently depending on the provider. There is no precise definition for this type of loan, so you should always look carefully at the offers. Some providers understand an express loan as a loan with an immediate payment. If the requirements are met, you can have the loan amount in your account within a few days. However, some understand just a loan with immediate approval. This simply means that your loan application will be checked quickly and you will receive the confirmation by email within a very short time.

There are also differences in the type of loan. An express loan can be an ordinary installment loan with terms between 12 and 36 months. Loan amounts of 1000 to 10,000 dollars are paid out. But it can also be a so-called mini loan, in which even smaller sums are transferred. Such loans are used to bridge the next salary entry.

Express loan as installment loan

If the Fast Loan is paid back in installments as normal, it is a small loan. In order for an immediate payout to take place, some technical requirements must be met.

  • Applications can be submitted entirely online
  • Identification via videoident
  • Document upload or account analysis
  • Signature of the loan agreement with a qualified electronic signature (QES)

The entire application process must be carried out digitally so that you can get your Fast Loan into your account immediately. This is the only way to ensure that your documents are checked promptly and that the money is transferred quickly. Make sure that the provider offers a completely digital contract. 

If you have found such a provider, you must first fill out an online form. In it you describe your financial situation, your monthly income and your regular expenses. Once you have submitted this information, the data will be checked automatically as far as possible. In addition, the providers obtain information from Credit Bureau. If this check is positive, you will receive a loan approval after a very short time. Up to this point you have at least one loan with an instant commitment.

Fast Loan: identification with Videoident makes it possible

Fast Loan: identification with Videoident makes it possible

After you have received a confirmation, you should, if it is offered, identify yourself using Videoident. This can usually be done directly after the loan approval. So far, the Postident procedure was common instead. You had to bring all of your contract documents to the nearest post office and have your data checked there by an employee. It then takes a few working days for the documents to reach the bank by post. With Videoident, you can significantly shorten this process and identify yourself to the bank in just a few minutes.

To use this service, in addition to a stable internet connection, you only need a PC with camera or your smartphone. You will then be connected to a trained employee using software for video telephony. This compares the data in your loan application with you and will ask you to keep your ID clearly visible to the camera.

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