If you do not have great requirements then you will certainly be able to find a TV set for a few hundred dollars, but let’s not hide – when you decide on new equipment, you count on the fact that it will serve you at least for the next few years.

Therefore, when buying a modern TV, you have to take into account the expense of a thousand dollars up. Usually, however, this type of equipment does not even have the Smart TV function, which means you will not be able to connect to the Internet on it. You will pay around USD 2,000 for a 40-inch TV with the Smart TV function.

How much will you pay for the new TV?

How much will you pay for the new TV?

In turn, when deciding on the functions of the Android system, and at the same time the equipment of a well-known brand, you should take into account the costs oscillating around 3000 USD.

In addition, if you would like to have a clear, high-quality picture and a diameter of 55 inches up, then examples of TV prices increase to about 5000 USD.

Theoretically, everyone will find something in the price shelf of interest to them, although if you dream about a modern TV set, then you rather have to prepare for a strong strain on your home budget or taking a loan online. When it comes to modern TVs, the price can be really high, depending on the expected functions and the warranty period.

Choosing a TV – what should you consider?

Choosing a TV - what should you consider?

When it comes to choosing a TV set, the most important parameters are primarily the size and quality of the image. Many people will not even think about buying a TV below 50 inches.

Of course, we also have larger diagonal screens up to 75 and even 85 inches. However, it is worth considering whether you need just such a huge TV. Its size should be adjusted to the room in which it will be located. To do this, check the distance between your sofa and the wall. For 50-inch TVs, this distance should be approximately 210 cm.

However, when it comes to ultra HD TVs, then at a distance of 105 to 210 cm the best will be a 50-inch screen, and at a distance of 158 to 315 cm – 75-inch.

Resolution is another issue here. Currently, standard TV sets are Full HD models, whose resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. Increasingly, it also puts on 4K equipment, i.e. Ultra HD with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality.

If you decide on a modern TV, the characteristics of such equipment are also based on backlight technology. Lots of devices currently use OLED technology, which is characterized by deep black and clear, juicy contrast.

The alternative here is LCD TVs that have a full backlight and show the HDR effect well, although they offer a worse viewing angle and much lower black quality.

The golden mean is QLED TV, which is an LCD device with quantum dots.

In addition, it is good to pay attention to additional functions such as Smart TV, thanks to which you can easily connect the TV to the Internet. A convenient solution is Android TV, which makes it easier to use the Internet on the TV.

How do you finance the purchase of a TV?

How do you finance the purchase of a TV?

Spending a lot of cash on a new TV is not easy. If you have the opportunity, saving money on your equipment will be the best solution.

It happens, however, that the device breaks down suddenly and you do not have the opportunity to save money for this purpose. Then you have several options. You can borrow money from family or friends, but many people are reluctant because of the fear of judging the purchase of expensive equipment. So what other options do you have to choose from?

An easy way to quickly obtain funds is a cash loan, which, however, usually involves extensive formalities and large repayment costs. A non-bank loan, i.e. payday loan, is a fairly common and slightly faster solution. The purchase of a new TV set can also be supported by a non-bank installment loan.

Buying a TV in installments or a non-bank loan?

When you buy a new TV, you can also decide to spread out the costs in installments. It is a relatively convenient solution that most RTV stores offer.

Then the price is divided into several – several parts, which must be repaid every month. Interest is often added to this, although some stores now offer 0% installments.

In addition, it charges your home budget every month and requires us to pay you regularly, otherwise, it spoils our credit history. In addition, it happens that additional costs in the event of a split into installments are hidden in the contract. Examples include credit commission, repayment insurance or payment for application assessment.

We also have a solution to choose from, which is a TV loan installment. This falls under non-bank loans. The point is that the loan taken out in this way can be repaid in installments, especially in the case of not very excessive amounts. There are not many formalities here and the application can be submitted online. The repayment period is quite affordable here, as it can be up to 48 months.

Which solution is better depends primarily on the interest rate? In both cases the repayment period is similar, but the differences are visible in the case of formalities. When it comes to buying in installments in the store, the formalities are a bit more than in the case of non-bank loans, hence the second option will simply be faster.

Remember that you do not have to decide on the cheapest TV installment, because in the case of a non-bank loan it is usually possible to easily take a loan for TV installment of up to USD 5,000.

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