Failures of household appliances often surprise us at the least appropriate moment – when we have many other expenses and our wallet is empty.

Did your washing machine break? It is difficult to function normally without a functioning device, which is why many people decide to reach for external financing sources. Is a washing machine loan profitable? Where can you get funds for buying a new device?

How much does the new washing machine cost?

How much does the new washing machine cost?

The prices of washing machines are very diverse – it all depends on the model, brand, and parameters of the device. Prices of front-loading equipment start from USD 800 – these models usually have basic programs, capacity 5-6 kg, 1000 revolutions per minute during centrifugation and energy class A +.

In the case of more technologically advanced devices, prices increase – models with a capacity of 7-8 kg and a spin speed of 1,400 rpm cost from USD 1,500. Top – loading washing machines are also popular – they are small and economical. The cheapest models can be bought from 800 USD.

Unfortunately, many people cannot afford to pay for the washing machine from their own pocket – then they have to reach for loans, e.g. from a non-bank institution.

How to finance the purchase of a washing machine?

How to finance the purchase of a washing machine?

Loan companies from the non-banking sector allow you to get cash quickly and without unnecessary formalities . In the event of a washing machine breakdown, time counts – we want to buy a new device in a short time. In this situation, many people may be put off by the procedures governed by loans or bank credits – the need to provide certificates from the employer extends the formalities.

Cheap non-bank loans are a convenient alternative to traditional offers. Funds can be obtained without leaving your home – you can apply for a loan online.

The persons entitled to receive the loan are:

  • of age,
  • having Polish citizenship,
  • full legal capacity,
  • Phone number,
  • personal bank account.

Another condition is stable income. Most companies, however, do not require certificates from employers – a client’s statement about the form of employment and the amount of earnings is enough.

The companies also check the debtors’ databases and the data available at the Credit Information Bureau. There are, however, offers that do not require verification. The credibility of the customer is checked quickly, and the funds are on the account even within a few minutes of the decision. A non-bank loan is a good solution in cases of emergency when we care about time.

How to apply? All you have to do is enter the parabank website, register on the website and then complete the short form. Provide personal data in it:

  • first name and last name,
  • address,
  • PESEL number,
  • series and number of ID card,
  • Bank account number,
  • Phone number.

Next, enter the amount of income and the form of employment. The loan can be obtained by persons employed for:

  • employment contract,
  • contract for specific work,
  • contract of mandate.

Parabanks also accept the applications of pensioners as well as persons conducting business activity.

A broken washing machine and a loan – is it worth it?

A broken washing machine and a loan - is it worth it?

Often, household appliance failures do not require replacement of the entire appliance, but only repairs, e.g. the purchase of a small part. Washing machine repair can cost us USD 100 to even USD 500.

Modern washing machines with advanced functions can connect wirelessly to the diagnostic application and assess what part has failed. The cost of replacing the V-belt is approximately USD 150, the programmer – approximately USD 350, and bearings – USD 400.

If a device failure surprised us at the wrong time, e.g. when we have a lot of other expenses, it is worth considering taking out a loan.


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